Thursday, January 1, 2009

What 2009 Will Bring

Well, here we are in a new year, the feelings of optimism, anxiety and excitement all mingle together for me.
-Landon will start kindergarten in the Fall of 09'.
-Luke will start preschool.
These 2 things together nullify my job as a stay at home mom during the hours my boys are in school. I'll be free, as some will think, but I think I may be a little lost as well. Who am I when I'm not taking care of my boys 24/7? I guess I will find out in 2009.
-Larry and I will also hit 8 years of marriage in 2009.
Wow, high five for us! It has been 8 years of ups and downs and all arounds, but the up moments have made us a happier and more bonded couple and the down moments, only stronger as a unit. Marriage, in my opinion, is never a simple one step equation with an even whole number for an answer, its like long division, you keep on striving forthat whole number but sometimes you get remainders....
-2009 will be the year we decide to have or not to have a 3rd child.
I'm leaning towards yes and Larry says no. Marriage is about compromise, so if we meet in the middle, where does that leave us? I don't want a puppy!!! So 2009 will lead us in the right direction , I hope.
-We will be meeting a new niece or nephew in the middle of 2009 via Cody and Melanie.
And if anybody knows the history of my husbands side of the family, boys are prevalent, so it will be fun to see if a little girl arrives.
- I will turn 29 in August of 2009. Which means I am only 1 year away from 30!!! Yikes! For some reason, 30 really makes me feel old. My husband and all my friends are in their 30's and all seem young still to me but I feel like if I AM in MY 30's, then I'm just ancient. I believe this stems from me always being the young one in my group of friends...oh well....

We rang in the New Year at my house.
We invited friends and family to our house and it was a blast. Larry was my first kiss of 2009, Landon was my 2nd and I snuck into Luke's room later and gave him a smooch while he was sleeping....I'm a lucky girl.

P.S. I have been lazy with posting pics, but I will post them soon!!!!=)

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Melanie Mueller said...

Looking forward to another year of fun memories with you four. Love you!