Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am thankful for:

My beautiful, healthy boys who have opened up my heart to a whole new meaning of love and joy

My husband who works his butt off to provide for our boys and me and somehow has mastered the art of driving me crazy and making me love him all the more for it!!!

Our families who support and comfort us in times of need. We(Larry, me and the boys) would be lost without them.

The women in my life who I can share my womanly secrets with. And with whom I still giggle with like a bunch of schoolgirls!

I am beyond thankful for guardian angels.

For my strong, healthy body even though I always complain about how fat I am. =)

For my husbands successful business that he has built from the ground up.

For my happy childhood that inspires me to give my children the same and more.

For my 24 hour, round the clock job as a domestic diva. =) It pays well. =)

For coffee because it is what puts the pep in my step in the morning.

For all the yummy food I ate today, my thighs are thanking you as well. =)

The list could go on and on....I lived a blessed life....I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and lots of turkey! I sure did!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Garden Ridge Pottery Madness

Why is that when I go the grocery store for milk, I end up coming out with a $200 bill and every food known to man but NO MILK?
Well, I did this in Garden Ridge Pottery today. I went in simply to find some ivy plants for the tops of my kitchen cabinets BUT I walked out with a blow up Santa airplane for the front yard, some bathroom wall art, a picture collage frame and a Christmas ivy. Never even looked for ivy.
I got so swept up in the Christmas deco, the ivy was quickly forgotten. And if you ever are bored on a Saturday night alone with the kiddos, take them to Garden Ridge Pottery. We had so much fun. We stayed for 1.5 hours, going up and down the aisles admiring all the holiday decor. Landon tried to sneak half the stores deco into the cart and Luke was so enthralled with the 20 ft Santa they had on display, I think he may have gone into a trance...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, this weekend was Landon's last soccer game, and I'm a bit sad. Landon really did enjoy it alot and I enjoyed watching him progress from tripping over his own two feet to scoring goals and kicking assists to his teammates. He did a wonderful job this past weekend and scored 4 goals!!!!

Landon finally got the trophy he yearned for all season. Man, has he been proud of that trophy!!!!

Here are some pics from the last game....Go Yellow Jackets!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Indian Names

Well, Landon came home from school today proudly bearing his "Indian" name, Flying Bird. It seemed fitting for him.
Soooo, we decided to give every member of our family an Indian name.
I chose Dancing Doe. Hey, I like to dance and I am so oh so delicate and feminine like a doe. HA! I kid!My decision was more based upon the fact that when I think of a doe, I think of a doe with her spotted that would be me, except my kids don't have spots. ;-)
Larry chose Fighting Buck. I guess he would have to be a buck, since I'm a doe. And don't bucks fight for their woman, just like my hubby would do? ha! Plus, I don't think he could have chosen another animal, because he totally has buck fever....his mind never veers much from hunting these days(I am rolling my eyes).
And last but certainly not least, was Luke's name. I think his was the best representation for a personality via Indian name. Luke is the one and only, Fierce Fire Ant. Luke is the sweetest, loving little baby, but if you light that fire, you best watch out, he's after you and he will land his stinger(aka teeth, nails, headbutt) on ya! We love our fiery natured Luke!!!!

I am way overdue on posting pics. I will have pics from the Pumpkin Patch, Halloween and Landon's last soccer game soon!