Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School Jitters and Laughs

Well, today was Landon and Luke's first day of school. And I must say it went wonderfully. I am so very blessed that my boys are surrounded by wonderful and dedicated people at First United Methodist Day School in NB. What can I say...I feel the love when I drop my kids off.

To sum it all up, there were a few tears on both boys parts in the morning, but I picked up two very happy boys later on in the day.

While the boys were in school, my very good friend,Melissa, and I went fabric shopping in Austin. We also snuck in a FABULOUS lunch at the Gruene TeaRoom. That spinach/artichoke dip is to die for!!!!

Anyways, I digress.....Melissa was with me when I went to pick up Landon from his class room. Might I mention, that Melissa in an adorable, petite lil thang and everytime I look at her I silently regret the Pilsbury dough batch of chocolate chip cookies I ate the night before. Ok, well a "woman", I will kindly keep her anonymous, asked Melissa if she was Landon's big sister. Say what????!!!! Ok, this woman KNOWS I'm Landon's mom, so that would mean she thinks I'm Melissa's mom!!!! Say what? Again!!!! I'm about to be 28, next week and Melissa is 27!!!! I have never laughed so hard in my life. I cried, I laughed so hard. Melissa and I were rolling. But If anybody thinks I'm looking a bit old, please tell me!!!! Girl needs to know these things. Sheesh!

All in all, we had a great day, even if it ended with Melissa telling me, " Bye, mommy".

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oprah Watch Out!

Well , I have a myspace account, a facebook account and now my very own blog. Before you know it, I may very well have my own TV show. haha ;-)
Anyways, this is my way of letting everybody know the daily/weekly/monthly(depending on how faithful I am to posting) happenings of my Krippendorf Tribe. Landon is 4.5 years now and is getting ready for his last year of preschool, but he will be going to preschool everyday of the week. Which is a huge change for him(and momma) since he is used to going only 3 days a week. With school on the horizon, we just took him to Sea World and he has now converted his bathroom sink into a "ski show". My creative little guy. =)
Luke is going on 19 months and is feisty as ever. He has taken up biting as a new hobby and is currently terrifying all the occupants of the household with those newly grown fangs of his. Biting aside, he has momma and daddy successfully wrapped around his chubby little finger. He will also being going to "school" or Mothers Day Out, but only one day a week. I will enjoy my break but I'm going to miss my little ankle biter. ;-)
Ok, so this is my first official blog. Go me! Hope you enjoyed it.