Monday, March 30, 2009

Pitcher Perfect

I just happened to be browsing a favorite blog of mine and came across one of her old favorite posts from another woman's blog...funny how you find something of so much substance when you least expect it....Here is the it..its worth it...=)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turkeyloaf and the Cake

Lately I have been on a little health kick. When I say little, I mean little. I enjoy my food, so a girl can only sacrifice so much....Anyways, my sacrifices include the use of red meat in the majority of my meals, I have been using ground turkey.

So, tonight was meatloaf or rather, turkeyloaf. I had a healthy meal planned out, turkey loaf and a salad for Larry and me and I threw in some mac and cheese for the kiddos. I must say my turkeyloaf turned out good, everybody scarfed it up. And you wouldn't believe the lack of grease, none! That has to be good for the ole arteries!

But the Party Rainbow Chip cake and icing was calling my name from the pantry....I have no WillfreakinPower. I made the Party Rainbow Chip cake and almost ate the whole canister of rainbow chip icing before the cake was even finished baking.....which left me with a slightly naked cake...ooooopps....

Needless to say, turkeyloaf and mass amounts of Rainbow Chip icing DO NOT MIX. I polished it all off with a big glass of whole milk. Yup! I'm healthy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Going my own way....

In honor of St. Patty's Day tomorrow, I may just go purchase these little beauties .....

Target $19.99......Love them!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I miss surgery....

Landon had surgery this past Monday to correct his trigger thumb. Trigger thumb just means his thumb never extended to full extension, it just sort of always hung out in a bent state. So the doctor just had to make a small incision to release the tendon to its full extension.

Landon's form of trigger thumb was also congenital meaning he was born that way and he inherited it from his daddy. Larry had to have the same procedure done on both his thumbs when he was little.

Anyways, Landon showed know fear going into surgery. He was chipper as could be and was so excited to put on his "Cool" hospital gown and "Chefs" hat as he called it. He was super stoked when the Doc came in and drew a happy face on his thumb.

Then came the silly juice they gave him to relax him before they took him in. He was hilarious. Mammy had 3 eyes and he was "imaginationing"(as he said) all kinds of silly things......

Then they wheeled him off with a huge silly grin on his face leaving his momma and daddy to sit in the waiting room to worry. But he came out just fine and we were headed home. Later on the day when I was tucking him in he tells me, " Mom, I miss surgery. It was so much fun". I had to laugh.....

It certainly wasn't fun for Larry and me!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainy Day

We played hookie today and stayed home outta the rain. My plan was to enjoy a quiet day at home with the boys...playing games, watching TV, etc. What was I thinking.... That could never happen! I have 2 boys running around in their underwear COWABUNGING, jumping off the couches, and chasing our poor dog....SIIGGGHHHH ....=)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Highlights from Lake Tahoe

Larry, Landon and I took a wonderful trip to Lake Tahoe. Sweet Lukey stayed behind to be spoiled by his grandmothers. This was Landon's first time seeing snow and my second! How sad is that? Larry and I both commented on how lucky our kiddos are seeing and experiencing all the snow activities Tahoe has to offer at such a young age, I was 27 the first time I ever saw snow, not because I was a deprived child, but people just didn't take vacations like this back in the day it least my parents didn't....
We enjoyed our one on one time with Lando immensely. Since he will be starting kindergarten next year, this was a perfect opportunity for one and one time with him. He basked in all the attention. I'm so proud of the sweet, friendly and bright boy he has become. He loves life and jumps at any new experience with enthusiasm. I wish I could it bottle up and take it myself!!!
We went dog sledding the second day we were there. What an experience!! We kicked back and let those tiny dogs pull our "vacation buffet eating" butts for almost an hour and they didn't even seem winded. The landscape was beautiful, air was crisp, but the odor in the air was foul. Our dogs had the runs. They just would run and poop at the same time. Landon thought it was the most hilarious thing in the whole world. The driver explained these 40 lb dogs were on a 4000 calorie a day diet, so when they had to go, they had to go(mid stride and all). All I could think was that I wished I could be on a 4000 calorie a day diet! That's like 20 quarter ponders in one day! Heaven!;-)Landon also got to "mush"(direct the dogs), I added a pic of that below.
We also went snow tubing, made snow angels, threw snow balls and ate at the best place in the world, Heidi's! Landon got to drink the worlds best hot chocolate there! And mommy got to spend 2 hours at the spa getting massaged and detoxified! AHHHHHHH, I love spa treatments!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My favorite thing right now

I absolutely love it right now when I hear Luke yell in his adorable voice,

" Bubba, R you?"

Bubba is Landon and what Luke is saying is, "Bubba, Where are you?!". He is right on the brink of joining his baby gibberish with the English language. My baby is growing up too fast!

It's been awhile since I blogged. We just recently got back from a wonderful trip to Lake Tahoe. I will be posting a blog with pics of our fun soon!