Sunday, March 8, 2009

Highlights from Lake Tahoe

Larry, Landon and I took a wonderful trip to Lake Tahoe. Sweet Lukey stayed behind to be spoiled by his grandmothers. This was Landon's first time seeing snow and my second! How sad is that? Larry and I both commented on how lucky our kiddos are seeing and experiencing all the snow activities Tahoe has to offer at such a young age, I was 27 the first time I ever saw snow, not because I was a deprived child, but people just didn't take vacations like this back in the day it least my parents didn't....
We enjoyed our one on one time with Lando immensely. Since he will be starting kindergarten next year, this was a perfect opportunity for one and one time with him. He basked in all the attention. I'm so proud of the sweet, friendly and bright boy he has become. He loves life and jumps at any new experience with enthusiasm. I wish I could it bottle up and take it myself!!!
We went dog sledding the second day we were there. What an experience!! We kicked back and let those tiny dogs pull our "vacation buffet eating" butts for almost an hour and they didn't even seem winded. The landscape was beautiful, air was crisp, but the odor in the air was foul. Our dogs had the runs. They just would run and poop at the same time. Landon thought it was the most hilarious thing in the whole world. The driver explained these 40 lb dogs were on a 4000 calorie a day diet, so when they had to go, they had to go(mid stride and all). All I could think was that I wished I could be on a 4000 calorie a day diet! That's like 20 quarter ponders in one day! Heaven!;-)Landon also got to "mush"(direct the dogs), I added a pic of that below.
We also went snow tubing, made snow angels, threw snow balls and ate at the best place in the world, Heidi's! Landon got to drink the worlds best hot chocolate there! And mommy got to spend 2 hours at the spa getting massaged and detoxified! AHHHHHHH, I love spa treatments!


Melanie Mueller said...

Looks wonderful! I want to go too. So glad you guys had a great trip!

Shannon Kosub said...

Gosh...those pictures make me wanna be there with you guys! Love them!!!