Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Luke Turns 2, Pics Coming Soon

Well, I haven't posted in awhile. It's weird, how I actually feel guilty about that. I have no idea if anybody even reads my blog, so why the guilt?
Well, Luke turned 2 this past Saturday. He had a fabulous birthday party at the New Braunfels Children's Museum. We celebrated with a John Deere/tractor theme. I will post pics ASAP. I love my camera, but it requires film, so I have to take it to get the CD. I know, I'm old school still. Not really a fan of digital or maybe the digital is not a fan of me because my pis are always blurry when I use the digital.
I digress...
Ok, so Luke is a happy 2 year old...hmm..cant think of anything else to update you on except were gearing up for a trip to Lake Tahoe in less than a month...I simply cannot wait! Were taking Landon with us, Luke will be staying behind to be spoiled by both Memaw and Mammy. Larry and I went to Tahoe last year and it was the best vacation ever...gambling, scenery, busting my butt and embarrassing myself on the slopes, breakfast at Heidi's, our little coffee bar we found, snowmobiling up the mountain and almost getting frost bite on my butt(serious)....I LOVED IT! We cant wait to share it with Landon except maybe not the frostbite part. I'm gonna attach a pic of Larry and I posing on our snowmobiling trip where the almost frostbite occurred.
Ok, so tomorrow look for Luke's 2 year post and pics!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pillow Crush

I totally want this pillow from Kirkland Homes! It's on sale for 12.99! If anyone is near a Kirklands, pick me one up and yourself one too! ha!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Whoever Smelt It Dealt It...Not so true as we found out...

On Saturday, I went to lunch with Landon, Luke, my mom and sis to see my great aunts. These 2 fine ladies are my late Memo's two younger sisters. It was so nice to see them and share stories about my grandma, whom I miss so badly. And if there is one thing I'm positive about, we all miss Memo's cooking. We all wished we could duplicate Memo's famous roast, chicken noodle soup, homemade bread, mmm, mmm.... And it seems to be hereditary since one of my great aunts still owns a bakery, oh man, her cream cheese kolaches are the best!!!!
Well, we all met at a little hamburger cafe in Bracken. Small little joint, but it happened to have a room off to the side that had just cleared out and was perfect for the large group we had. As my boys and I get back there, I notice a FOUL odor in the air. Man, was it bad, not the least bit appetizing. Then I realize that our room is connected to the bathrooms. The only other people back there was an older couple and they had an equally disgusted look on their face from the smell.
Well, the poor smelly man makes his walk of shame from the bathroom and right as he passes us, I guess my dear, sweet Landon finally noticed the smell because he bellows, " Man, who farted back here!!?"
The man hightailed it out of there and we all burst in to laughter!
Even the couple in the room was very amused with Landon's candor. But what can you say, kids say it like it watch out next time in you re in a public restroom!!!

Here is the link to the hamburger place went to:
Very charming and great food! Huge hamburgers!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ok, so, pretty much every night my hubby and Landon lie in our bed and watch Animal Planet together as they drift off to sleep. Just sort of became their bedtime ritual. I usually straighten up the house and wait for the little man to go to sleep, so I can transfer him to his bed, it easy and hey, Animal Planet is educational, right?
Educational..yes...but also a tad bit scary...
I'm washing the dishes while I'm waiting for Landon to drift peacefully off to sleep while watching puppies being born, etc on Animal Planet when all of a sudden over the sound of the garbage disposal I just turned on, I hear Landon bust out of my bedroom and ask" Mom, have you ever heard of the chupacobbler? It just sucked this little girls whole family's blood!!!! And it sucked hers too, but the police officers made her feel better"
I'm assuming he means the urban legend, the chupacabra and I go to see that my beloved Animal Planet is showing a show on supposed urban legends called "Lost Tapes".
Here is the link:
Kind of interesting for an adult to watch, not so much for a 5 year old.
So much for Animal Cops and Meerkat Manor at bedtime. Time to switch back to a bedtime story instead.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Pics

Well, I said I would post them....Here they are.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What 2009 Will Bring

Well, here we are in a new year, the feelings of optimism, anxiety and excitement all mingle together for me.
-Landon will start kindergarten in the Fall of 09'.
-Luke will start preschool.
These 2 things together nullify my job as a stay at home mom during the hours my boys are in school. I'll be free, as some will think, but I think I may be a little lost as well. Who am I when I'm not taking care of my boys 24/7? I guess I will find out in 2009.
-Larry and I will also hit 8 years of marriage in 2009.
Wow, high five for us! It has been 8 years of ups and downs and all arounds, but the up moments have made us a happier and more bonded couple and the down moments, only stronger as a unit. Marriage, in my opinion, is never a simple one step equation with an even whole number for an answer, its like long division, you keep on striving forthat whole number but sometimes you get remainders....
-2009 will be the year we decide to have or not to have a 3rd child.
I'm leaning towards yes and Larry says no. Marriage is about compromise, so if we meet in the middle, where does that leave us? I don't want a puppy!!! So 2009 will lead us in the right direction , I hope.
-We will be meeting a new niece or nephew in the middle of 2009 via Cody and Melanie.
And if anybody knows the history of my husbands side of the family, boys are prevalent, so it will be fun to see if a little girl arrives.
- I will turn 29 in August of 2009. Which means I am only 1 year away from 30!!! Yikes! For some reason, 30 really makes me feel old. My husband and all my friends are in their 30's and all seem young still to me but I feel like if I AM in MY 30's, then I'm just ancient. I believe this stems from me always being the young one in my group of friends...oh well....

We rang in the New Year at my house.
We invited friends and family to our house and it was a blast. Larry was my first kiss of 2009, Landon was my 2nd and I snuck into Luke's room later and gave him a smooch while he was sleeping....I'm a lucky girl.

P.S. I have been lazy with posting pics, but I will post them soon!!!!=)