Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ok, so, pretty much every night my hubby and Landon lie in our bed and watch Animal Planet together as they drift off to sleep. Just sort of became their bedtime ritual. I usually straighten up the house and wait for the little man to go to sleep, so I can transfer him to his bed, it easy and hey, Animal Planet is educational, right?
Educational..yes...but also a tad bit scary...
I'm washing the dishes while I'm waiting for Landon to drift peacefully off to sleep while watching puppies being born, etc on Animal Planet when all of a sudden over the sound of the garbage disposal I just turned on, I hear Landon bust out of my bedroom and ask" Mom, have you ever heard of the chupacobbler? It just sucked this little girls whole family's blood!!!! And it sucked hers too, but the police officers made her feel better"
I'm assuming he means the urban legend, the chupacabra and I go to see that my beloved Animal Planet is showing a show on supposed urban legends called "Lost Tapes".
Here is the link:http://animal.discovery.com/fantasy-creatures/chupacabra/history.html
Kind of interesting for an adult to watch, not so much for a 5 year old.
So much for Animal Cops and Meerkat Manor at bedtime. Time to switch back to a bedtime story instead.

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Melanie Mueller said...

Poor guy. That is too funny!