Monday, January 19, 2009

Whoever Smelt It Dealt It...Not so true as we found out...

On Saturday, I went to lunch with Landon, Luke, my mom and sis to see my great aunts. These 2 fine ladies are my late Memo's two younger sisters. It was so nice to see them and share stories about my grandma, whom I miss so badly. And if there is one thing I'm positive about, we all miss Memo's cooking. We all wished we could duplicate Memo's famous roast, chicken noodle soup, homemade bread, mmm, mmm.... And it seems to be hereditary since one of my great aunts still owns a bakery, oh man, her cream cheese kolaches are the best!!!!
Well, we all met at a little hamburger cafe in Bracken. Small little joint, but it happened to have a room off to the side that had just cleared out and was perfect for the large group we had. As my boys and I get back there, I notice a FOUL odor in the air. Man, was it bad, not the least bit appetizing. Then I realize that our room is connected to the bathrooms. The only other people back there was an older couple and they had an equally disgusted look on their face from the smell.
Well, the poor smelly man makes his walk of shame from the bathroom and right as he passes us, I guess my dear, sweet Landon finally noticed the smell because he bellows, " Man, who farted back here!!?"
The man hightailed it out of there and we all burst in to laughter!
Even the couple in the room was very amused with Landon's candor. But what can you say, kids say it like it watch out next time in you re in a public restroom!!!

Here is the link to the hamburger place went to:
Very charming and great food! Huge hamburgers!

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