Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Luke Turns 2, Pics Coming Soon

Well, I haven't posted in awhile. It's weird, how I actually feel guilty about that. I have no idea if anybody even reads my blog, so why the guilt?
Well, Luke turned 2 this past Saturday. He had a fabulous birthday party at the New Braunfels Children's Museum. We celebrated with a John Deere/tractor theme. I will post pics ASAP. I love my camera, but it requires film, so I have to take it to get the CD. I know, I'm old school still. Not really a fan of digital or maybe the digital is not a fan of me because my pis are always blurry when I use the digital.
I digress...
Ok, so Luke is a happy 2 year old...hmm..cant think of anything else to update you on except were gearing up for a trip to Lake Tahoe in less than a month...I simply cannot wait! Were taking Landon with us, Luke will be staying behind to be spoiled by both Memaw and Mammy. Larry and I went to Tahoe last year and it was the best vacation ever...gambling, scenery, busting my butt and embarrassing myself on the slopes, breakfast at Heidi's, our little coffee bar we found, snowmobiling up the mountain and almost getting frost bite on my butt(serious)....I LOVED IT! We cant wait to share it with Landon except maybe not the frostbite part. I'm gonna attach a pic of Larry and I posing on our snowmobiling trip where the almost frostbite occurred.
Ok, so tomorrow look for Luke's 2 year post and pics!!!

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Tiffany and Ryan said...

Laura! I just saw on your facebook that you have a blog too! So cute! Now I can keep up with ya too :)