Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Hiatus

Well, my blog has been on a summer hiatus. Not intentionally, but out of sheer laziness....I have been busy eating Popsicles on the back porch with the boys, swimming at Memaws, going to the Bahn and the beach or enjoying a hot summer bar-b-que. Will report back with lots of pictures soon. I'll leave you with a pic straight from the sharks mouth. ;-)

P.S. I wanted to put out a prayer request for my dear friend, Melissa Niland. Her father passed away very suddenly yesterday. Please pray that she and her family find peace and comfort during this very difficult time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

God is good.....

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for."

Meet my newest nephew, Carter Wesley. He was born to my sister in law and brother in law, Melanie and Cody. He is now the youngest of their 3 boys!!! Isn't he adorable? He is already showing that he is an old soul, looks like he is contemplating the meaning of life in this pic. HA!
Welcome Carter! We love you!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Loves

I'm in love with this Victoria's Secret dress! Perfect for summer and what girl wouldn't feel awesome in this?! The crochet detail and empire waist really seal the deal for me. So flowy and comfy, no need to worry about any of those unwanted bulges and lumps showing. This dress is the epitome of femininity!

Ok, this Nine West shoe is what my shoe dreams are made of! So sassy and some bling to it too! The heel is not so practical for a stay at home chasing 2 boys, but hell, I'll find a place to wear these beauties even if it kills me!

And look at this, they come in another pattern. So fun!

I love this hanging plate display. I just got a new bedding set with chocolate brown, blue and white in it. I think this will go great hanging over my bed with chocolate brown hanging ribbons. Don't ya think?! Here is my new bedding below....

Well, these are my current summer crushes. I haven't purchased any of them yet(except the bedding) because of their high prices, so it may just end up being an unrequited summer love. We'll see....=)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This Will For Sure Embarrass Them When Theyre In High School

Romeo and Juliet....Barbie and Ken...Fred and Wilma...Tim and Faith....Tom and Katie...Landon and Cali....

Cali, you told Landon that you were going to marry him about 3 years ago, when ya'll were two. Landon accepted and it has been a whirl wind preschool romance ever since.....
You two are quite mature for your ages being that you have already discussed topics such as children, pets and where you will live. I'm so happy to hear that I will be blessed with 4 grandchildren, I'm not so happy about you naming 2 of them Levi and Tex, but hopefully in 20 years you will change your minds. I also have been informed by Landon that he is going to buy his future wife 2 chihuahuas. And that they would like to live in a trailer behind either of their parents homes. But just recently Landon upgraded their housing status and said he would like to make a home for him and Cali in good, ole Rockwall sweet. haha! And if I remember correctly, Landon gave Cali her engagement ring out of a quarter machine on her 4th birthday at the bowling alley. Does my son know romance or what?!

It has been hilarious seeing these two precious kids plan for "wedded bliss". I would be all too lucky to get sweet Cali as my daughter in law....Cant wait to see what these two kids think of each other in high school!

The End of a PreSchool Era....

I cannot get that song out of my mind! And I'm not even the one who is out of school.!!Landon had his last days of preschool last week. It makes me very emotional for many reasons, one being that my baby, my firstborn, will be in kindergarten. I just cant wrap my head around that. I'm not ready! Stop the clock, people!
Another reason, is that Landon will be leaving behind all his preschool friends. He has become so home at his preschool, I wish I could take all his friends and stick them in Landon's elementary school. Not to mention, I have made great friends with the moms at the preschool, but thankfully, Luke will begin 2 year old preschool there, so I'll still see some of them.
They celebrated their last day of school with "Splash Day" and I also have some pics from their "Annual Spring Fling", where they perform in the chapel and have a carnival afterwards.
Lukey getting in on some Splash Day Popsicle fun.
Popsicle Time!

Dylan and Berklee...some of Landon's buds

These are so cool right? They need these in adult sizes!

Landon and Luke on the wiggly waggly train at Spring Fling

Landon and Luke waiting for their balloon animal from the "Creepy Clown" aka Coach Jim

Lukey hammin it up in Memaws glasses


Last performance as a Preschooler

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some of my Fave Candids....

We just took our 2009 family pictures this last week. While taking pictures with two active and energetic boys is never easy, I'm always so thankful that I will have precious and hilarious moments like these captured forever....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Movin on Up.....

September 2008

May 2008

Just wanted to post a picture of Landon with his preschool teacher, Mrs. Remmler, in September 2008 and now at the end of the year, May 2009. Doesn't he look just all grown up now? Oh, my heart is breaking. I have an almost kindergartner on my hands. How is that possible? I'm supposed to be the mother of preschoolers forever. I don't think I'm ready for elementary school yet! ha!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last But Not Least

This is Mammy(my mother in law). My boys call her Mammy and so do I because I cant call her Melody, certainly cant call her Mrs. Krippendorf and calling her mom is just weird(Seriously, don't you think its weird when people call their in laws Mom and Dad? I do) ...So, I call her Mammy, its fits perfectly.
Mammy is very special...
She raised a mighty fine boy whom I'm now married to. She loves my boys " to the moon and back" as she often tells them. She makes the worlds best sweet tea. She always has candy or treats in her purse for her grand babies. She tickles and roughhouses with my boys until they laugh themselves silly. She gives great gifts!(ha!) She makes great tacos. She's fun to shop with....
But most all, she is always looking out for us and loves us!
We big puffy heart you, Mammy! Happy Mothers Day.

Once again, I'm late....

This is a picture of me with my mom. Isnt she so pretty?=) My mom is special for many reasons..NONE of these reasons being that she still babies me when I'm sick, lets me lay on her couch when I'm exhausted from chasing my crazy boys, cleans my house when she babysits my boys, cooks my family dinner when I'm having a bad day...nope, I'm a grown woman, I don't need my mom to do any of those things for me. HA!HA!
Mom, you do so much for not only for me, but for my boys. Landon and Luke love their Memaw! You have always possessed that unique source of comfort that only a special mom can give. I big puffy heart you, Mom!
P.S. I also love that you make me the best cups of green tea ever!

This picture to me is why Mothers Day is so special to me. I simply could not be prouder of these two little boys. Landon and Luke, I cannot believe God blessed me with two such handsome, loving, hilarious, entertaining, and healthy boys. What did I do to deserve you two? I sure don't know, but I will spend the rest of my life thanking and praising Him for the gift of my two precious sons. I love you, my crazy boys!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday-Living Room Edition

Well, here we are again. Once again, one of my fellow and favorite bloggers Kelly from Kelly's Korner is hosting this Fridays "Show us Where You Live-Living Room edition". So here it goes!

Rock arch that leads you from the living room to our master bedroom to the right or powder room to the left.

The sofa I nap on(hee, hee). I love my pillows, from a closer look, they have blue, tan and green circles on them...

I'm trying to go with a whole green/blue color theme....

Cool frame I got from Gruene Market Days.

I LOOVVEEE my rug!

Full view of fireplace.

Full view of living room sitting area. Those big windows give a great view of our backyard!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Belated Easter Pics

Here are some pictures from our wonderful Easter. It was nice because we attended the Easter service at 6:30 on Saturday night and then headed over to my in laws house to hang out and so Mammy and Papa could give the boys their baskets. So, on actual Easter morning we got to take our time, drink coffee and watch the kids discover their baskets and hunt for eggs without the fear of being late for church. We then headed over to Memaw and Papa's house(my mom and dad) and had Easter lunch with my sisters and their families. Landon was an avid egg hunter this year...Luke was more about taking his time and eating the candy out of the eggs as he found them. Then it was off to take a well deserved nap after stuffing ourselves and hunting eggs all over the yard. THEN, we headed into La Vernia for another Easter celebration on Larry's side. We were tired but MAN, we are so blessed when it comes to having a dedicated and loving family.

Luke would rather play with his basket than hunt eggs this year.
We are the worlds worst family picture posers. We couldn't look at the camera simultaneously if it was worth a million dollars! Sheesh, look at me even!

Another example of our wonderful picture taking cooperation. SIIIGGGHHH..

Lukey just woke up and is wondering what all this Easter stuff is about...

Landon is stoked! Aren't their Pottery Barn baskets cute?!

Twas the Night Before Easter....