Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The End of a PreSchool Era....

I cannot get that song out of my mind! And I'm not even the one who is out of school.!!Landon had his last days of preschool last week. It makes me very emotional for many reasons, one being that my baby, my firstborn, will be in kindergarten. I just cant wrap my head around that. I'm not ready! Stop the clock, people!
Another reason, is that Landon will be leaving behind all his preschool friends. He has become so home at his preschool, I wish I could take all his friends and stick them in Landon's elementary school. Not to mention, I have made great friends with the moms at the preschool, but thankfully, Luke will begin 2 year old preschool there, so I'll still see some of them.
They celebrated their last day of school with "Splash Day" and I also have some pics from their "Annual Spring Fling", where they perform in the chapel and have a carnival afterwards.
Lukey getting in on some Splash Day Popsicle fun.
Popsicle Time!

Dylan and Berklee...some of Landon's buds

These are so cool right? They need these in adult sizes!

Landon and Luke on the wiggly waggly train at Spring Fling

Landon and Luke waiting for their balloon animal from the "Creepy Clown" aka Coach Jim

Lukey hammin it up in Memaws glasses


Last performance as a Preschooler

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