Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last But Not Least

This is Mammy(my mother in law). My boys call her Mammy and so do I because I cant call her Melody, certainly cant call her Mrs. Krippendorf and calling her mom is just weird(Seriously, don't you think its weird when people call their in laws Mom and Dad? I do) ...So, I call her Mammy, its fits perfectly.
Mammy is very special...
She raised a mighty fine boy whom I'm now married to. She loves my boys " to the moon and back" as she often tells them. She makes the worlds best sweet tea. She always has candy or treats in her purse for her grand babies. She tickles and roughhouses with my boys until they laugh themselves silly. She gives great gifts!(ha!) She makes great tacos. She's fun to shop with....
But most all, she is always looking out for us and loves us!
We big puffy heart you, Mammy! Happy Mothers Day.

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PAM said...

This is so sweet....Mammy Melody loves her grandbabies and shows it
with every breath she takes. Thank
you for acknowledging it, I know it
means the world to my precious sister.

Love You
Aunt Pam