Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turkeyloaf and the Cake

Lately I have been on a little health kick. When I say little, I mean little. I enjoy my food, so a girl can only sacrifice so much....Anyways, my sacrifices include the use of red meat in the majority of my meals, I have been using ground turkey.

So, tonight was meatloaf or rather, turkeyloaf. I had a healthy meal planned out, turkey loaf and a salad for Larry and me and I threw in some mac and cheese for the kiddos. I must say my turkeyloaf turned out good, everybody scarfed it up. And you wouldn't believe the lack of grease, none! That has to be good for the ole arteries!

But the Party Rainbow Chip cake and icing was calling my name from the pantry....I have no WillfreakinPower. I made the Party Rainbow Chip cake and almost ate the whole canister of rainbow chip icing before the cake was even finished baking.....which left me with a slightly naked cake...ooooopps....

Needless to say, turkeyloaf and mass amounts of Rainbow Chip icing DO NOT MIX. I polished it all off with a big glass of whole milk. Yup! I'm healthy!


Lynn said...

SO much for the diet! :) If it makes you feel any better, we had pizza and then I had a chocolate chip cookie. There was lots of grease!
So how'd the green shoes work out? They're super cute!!

lkripp said...

No, Lynn, it doesnt make me feel better because youre a twig! You need to eat cookies and lots of them!!! heehee!;-)
And the shoes are SO cute! I love them!