Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am thankful for:

My beautiful, healthy boys who have opened up my heart to a whole new meaning of love and joy

My husband who works his butt off to provide for our boys and me and somehow has mastered the art of driving me crazy and making me love him all the more for it!!!

Our families who support and comfort us in times of need. We(Larry, me and the boys) would be lost without them.

The women in my life who I can share my womanly secrets with. And with whom I still giggle with like a bunch of schoolgirls!

I am beyond thankful for guardian angels.

For my strong, healthy body even though I always complain about how fat I am. =)

For my husbands successful business that he has built from the ground up.

For my happy childhood that inspires me to give my children the same and more.

For my 24 hour, round the clock job as a domestic diva. =) It pays well. =)

For coffee because it is what puts the pep in my step in the morning.

For all the yummy food I ate today, my thighs are thanking you as well. =)

The list could go on and on....I lived a blessed life....I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and lots of turkey! I sure did!

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Misti said...

You said it, LOTS of turkey! Happy Thanksgiving! I love the picture of you four!