Thursday, December 11, 2008

BZZZZZ...Busy Bee

Well, I haven't posted in awhile. We have just been really busy lately with Christmas around the corner and it seems everybody I'm related to has a birthday this month. Can we say the "PO House" after buying all these gifts, caz that is where we will be!!! haha!
Luke came down with RSV about 2 to 3 weeks ago, so that was a bit of a struggle to get him well again. They need to add to the list of symptoms of RSV: extreme hissy fits and irritation. He was a grump, but I couldn't blame him, I know he felt awful!! My poor Lukey...
Landon turned 5 this past Wednesday and well, I just cant believe it. I mean he is almost out of the toddler section!!! There is no 6T!!! 5T is it and then I will be a mommy who has to shop for her boy in the big boy section forever!!! Where has the time gone?!!! Was it really 5 years ago we brought home that long, skinny baby with the wrinkles on his forehead ? Was it really 5 years ago that I entered the world of extreme chaos, sleepless nights, spit up, and poopy diapers? What a journey! I wouldn't trade my worst days of poopy diapers for the days when I was free and childless.
I took the boys to see Santa today. What a Disaster!!! Luke is not down with the Man in Red, AT ALL! We managed to get a picture where Luke looks somewhat sane. I couldn't tell if he was terrified of Santa or just plain mad at him. He was giving Santa quite a fight. Landon was all about Santa, he hopped on his lap and started rattling off his Christmas list like he has been practicing it for months. It always an adventure with my boys!

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