Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tractor Bend

Well, it has been a busy week. At Landon's preschool, they ask that all the 4year old classes to make a float for the school "fair parade". After much debate we decided on a tractor/construction/Krippco float. Daddy and Landon had some fun bonding time as they sat out on the back porch and created this mini construction site on wheels.

Landon had to walk his float through gym for all the other kiddos and parents to see. It was so cute! Although, Landon did lose a wheel mid-walk, but hey, he is my child, something like that was bound to happen. I attached a picture of the wheel incident, along with some others from that day. We are so proud of him! He is getting SO big way too fast!!!
As for the title of this blog, Landon chose to name his float "Tractor Bend". No idea where the kid came up with that, but its original. =)

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Melanie Mueller said...

Precious! Like father, like son. He looks so big and handsome in those pictures!!
Love ya!