Monday, September 1, 2008

It's been awhile...

Well, here I am again, posting my third blog! We had a great Labor Day weekend which just so happened to be my 28th birthday weekend. 2 years from the BIG 3-0!!!

Anyways, My hubby gave in and bought a 17ft bass boat he has been wanting. We woke up at the wee hour of 6 in the morning and were on the water(Lake Dunlap) by 7! We had a blast. The boys just love to sit back and enjoy the ride. We did nickname Luke"Captain" because he insists on sitting on Larry's lap so he can "drive" the boat. We attempted to bass fish but lets just say the small space and one fishing pole for 2 eager boys....we were about to have a brawl and someone was bound to go overboard. ;-) So, we stuck to cruising around Lake Dunlap and played the "If I lived on the lake I would want that house" game. Well, Larry and I played that game...

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor day weekend!

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Melanie Mueller said...

Oh- the boys look like they had so much fun. So cute!
Love you four!