Monday, October 6, 2008

We survived a weekend in close quarters!!!

Well, we went to the beach a couple of weeks ago with my whole family. We stayed in a 3 bedroom beach house. By "we", I mean, my mom and dad, my older sister and her family of 4 , my brood and my lil sister and her boyfriend.

Needless to say, it was a bit cramped but it was so nice to spend the night in close quarters with my family. I haven't spent the night under the same roof as my sisters since I got married!! It was a blast from the past to be able to sit up late and talk with my sisters. We had some rather interesting conversations? Didn't we, Brooke? ;-)

Anyways, the beach was prettier than I had seen a TX beach in years! No seaweed! Woo-hoo! We visited the Corpus Christi State Aquarium and that was so much fun. We got to pet stingrays, get splashed by dolphins and see an underwater show. Landon and Luke were very entertained . I have patiently been waiting for my sister, Brooke, to send me the pics from the aquarium..its been 3 weeks, I have given up. But I do have pics from the beach and the beach house of the boys and their cousin, Ashtyn aka Miss Thang.

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